Ipanema & Grendha

Ipanema - Brazilian summer

Ipanema has long been one of Brazil's hottest flip flop brands. They proudly present the most stylish new designs every season, with a large range of sandals and wedges available in a spectrum of colours and finishes.

Brazil is a nation of vibrant colours, natural beauty, great joy, and easy-going people. One location that showcases this true Brazilian spirit is Ipanema, a neighbourhood located in the southern region of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro. First made famous by the bossa nova rhythms of the 1960's, Ipanema is now known for its elegance and social life.

With Ipanema's casual and relaxed beach spirit in mind, they created Ipanema footwear. The brand epitomises the look and spirit of Ipanema and it's colourful characters.

- Style and nature

Designed and made to the highest standards in Brazil, Grendha sandals are in touch with a relaxed lifestyle without losing the stylish edge for which it has become synonymous.

All Grendha footwear is 100% recyclable and does not contain any animal products - beauty for your feet and the whole planet.